Link is a Hylian boy who has saved the world many times.

He was raised as a Kokiri when he lived in the forest, but didn't really fit in. He got his fairy, Navi, when the Great Deku Tree needed him to rescue him from a curse Ganondorf put on him. He journeyed through the ancient tree until he got to the lair of an evil spider, Queen Gohma . He fought the evil spider queen and won, but the Deku Tree was dying. He takes the emerald that is one of the three sacred stones, and journeys to Princess Zelda's castle to deliver it to her. He gets there, and gives the stone to the princess. He goes to Death Mountain to find the Goron race, and the leader holds the second sacred stone. The Goron leader, Darunia, will not give over the stone. Link plays Saria's Song on the Ocarina, and Darunia loves it. He says he will give him Link the stone if Link can defeat the cursed Dodongos that have infested the caverens in Death Mountain. Link journeys through Dodongo's Caveran and defeats King Dodongo. Darunia is greatful and gives the Spiritual Stone of Fire to Link. Link then journeys to Zora's Domain. The Zora race holds the third stone, but it has been swallowed along with Princess Ruto! Link goes into Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly to get the stone. He finds the princess and the stone but Ruto is captured by Barinade. Link defeats Barinade and gets the third spiratual stone. He goes to meet Zelda but she has fled from Ganondorf, but not before giving Link the Ocarina of Time. Link gets a horse named Epona on the way to get the seven tokens to lift Ganondorf's curse.


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