Mr. Resetti is one of two moles in the Animal Crossing world. His job is to make sure players save the game before going to bed in there attic. He will give the player a lecture if you do not save your game. His brother is Don Resetti.


  • His first name is Sonny
  • After he is done with his lecture he yells "SCRAM!", but he is the one who scrams.


"'But know this, friend of mine. Ya ever reset durin' a moment of weakness, I'll be comin' by for a chat."

"Resetting... It's like... pressing an emergency call button. You press it and I gotta come read you the riot act. See?"

"... You hate me, don't you? I mean, you just hate me more than anything, right? More than laundry, traffic jams an' bad breath all rolled together, right?"